Cambodia – The emerging tourist attraction in Southeast Asia

Cambodia is a developing small country neighboring with Thailand and Vietnam. With the long standing history and unique culture, it is a worthy place for tourists to visit

The region of Southeast Asia is the land of architecture, rich culture and religious for discovery along with the natural beauty of cultural heritage sites. Once you visit this region, you can sightsee from golden temples to the tropical forests, spicy cuisine to isolate beaches, more and more developing urban scenes to the ancient wonders of the world. Cambodia belongs to the Southeast Asia so more or less; it has these features of attractions.


Let’s take a look to the most charming beauty of Cambodia in the following angles:

Glorious history

When learning about the history of Cambodia, you will know the glorious period of this land is in Khmer regime when the Angkor was the capital city and also the largest city in the pre-industrial stage of the world until French colonist took over and then the atrocity of the Khmer Rouge regime. Khmer Rouge crime is a dark period of Cambodian history made the whole world shocked and disappointed.

Land of the great temples

No need to argue about Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia which is the most famous and visited place. It is additionally the largest religious construction worldwide with spectacular, unique and sophisticated architecture. Designed with the main entrance in the west, Angkor Wat makes visitors overwhelmed by the image of giant temple featured on the sunlight. In addition to that feeling, tourists are impressed with the statue Apsara carved on most of walls or in floral motifs and animal cared carefully on the steps of the wall.
The world’s wonder of Angkor is one of the typical artistic monuments of Khmer. So, tourists cannot miss when traveling to Cambodia.


A World Heritage Site in Cambodia is Preah Vihear and other impressive temples, both old and new, scatters around the country. There is no other place owning many ancient temples like Cambodia and scientists are still continuing to discover the remains buried in the dust of time. This is an interesting thing for you to choose the tour to Cambodia.

Cambodians are nice and friendly

Khmer people the greatest asset of Cambodia and also the main reason that so many tourists visit once but love this country forever. Khmer people are happy with their current life. They are honest, open-minded, friendly and hospitable. They are now totally different from they used to be in their difficult history. They live with the optimistic sense from the ruins of history, so this country is known as the “land of smiles”. However, it is not similar to Thailand as it is friendly but a little enigmatic.

An idyllic and unique country beauty

Another attractive reason in Cambodia is pristine beauty and idyllic landscapes where travelers can breathe the fresh air and feel the peace. Cambodia is a beautiful land, a fascinating tropical country because of the isolate but unique scenes.

Cambodian rural areas are very idyllic with green rice paddies, the wooden house in the village, where there are children and animals playing outside.

The city still little development of French colonial architecture, the golden temple with curved roof incondite highest in urban areas. The developing cities still keep the architecture style from French colonist, which are the golden pagodas with arching dorms. Apart from Cambodia, you can check out Japan-the country of rising sun.

Pristine beaches


Perhaps one of the most amazing things in Cambodia is the treasure of the gorgeous coastlines. Cambodia beaches with white sand and clean turquoise waters make you remember the Thailand’s coastlines. However, they are not as crowded as in Thailand.

Near the crowded beaches are resorts and vibrant nightlife. Meanwhile, further than that is the Koh Rong Island, which is a truly tropical paradise is waiting for you to discover. It takes you 2 hour drive by boat on the sea. After arriving, you will realize that the opposition to the noise, bustle and hustle of Sihanoukville, the Koh Rong Island brings you the quiet space and pristine beauty. You will feel like you are living in a “paradise” so, make sure this place will not let you down.

In brief, Cambodia has everything to meet your needs for the trip of the exciting experiences. Along with friendliness, this place is a tourist attraction of the world due to beautiful natural scenes and glorious history. Take a visit to Cambodia and feel for at least one time in your life!