Cat Ba- Jade island

With 366 islands, the Cat Ba Archipelago offers stunning scenery. Recognized by Unesco as a World Biosphere Reserve, this archipelago lies next to the World Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay

With beautiful sea views, endemic forests, fabulous caves and fairytale beaches, Cát Bà Island has a lot to offer. The largest island in the archipelago, Cát Bà is often compared to a beautiful jade pendant.

This is one of 3 beaches at Ca Bat island

A new eco-tourism development promises to complement the island’s natural beauty. On one side the Cát Bà Amatina faces an idyllic bay and white-sand beaches. On the other it faces mountains and forests. Located in Cái Giá Bay and not far from Cát Bà National Park, this world-class ecotourism project will offer modern, urban comforts, luxurious marinas and the friendly, serene atmosphere of resorts.

a must visit to destinations in the North of Vietnam

Cát Bà Amatina mixes French elegance, American passion and warm, gentle Vietnamese architecture. Designed to fit with the area’s beautiful surroundings, Cát Bà Amatina will feature business malls, an international conference hall, 4 and 5 star hotels, and leisure facilities such as a sports complex, Private and VIP marinas, and out-door restaurants. A bridge and highway are now being built to link Cát Bà Island with Hai Phong city. This will allow tens of thousands of tourists to reach Cát Bà each month.

Cat-Ba- Amatina-resort
The Cat Ba Amatina Project promises modern facilities in a peaceful setting

For those seeking peace and quiet, Cát Bà Amatina is an ideal getaway spot. Guests will enjoy high-end villas set in beautiful scenery. Just a short stroll away lie beaches, forests and the marina. Tourist sites include Cát Bà National Park, Trung Trang Cave, and the Frog Pond.

An attractive development for investors, Cát Bà Amatina embodies serenity and luxury on the peaceful island of Cát Bà. It also reveals the expertise of its investor, Vinaconex – ITC, professional investor and developer in real estate.
At Cat Ba Amatina, nature and human artistry come together in perfect harmony.