Cannot-miss dishes when traveling to Vietnam

According to Ultimate Hanoi Adventures, there are so many reasons why you need to visit Vietnam and enjoying its cuisine is also one reason. Vietnamese cuisine is not only tasty but also creative, so sometimes, you have to spend a tour to discover the food in Vietnam. Below are delicious dishes you should try when traveling to Vietnam, listed by the famous tourism blog of Southeast Asia, with all flavors from the North to the South.

1. Vietnamese rice noodle soup with beef



Not surprisingly, Vietnamese rice noodle soup with beef is on the list of must-try dishes when taking a tour to Vietnam. Simply because this dish becomes a special one in the hearts of connoisseurs around the world. If you are a noodle lover, you will easily realize that the dish brings the local flavors and each restaurant has its own secret to make “pho” and passes on to next generations.

Difficult to make at first but it will turn out to be easy to cook at the end if you take part in a Hanoi home cooking adventures. With such classes, you will fully experience Vietnamese cuisine.

2. Bread

Although it is listed as “the world’s most delicious bread”, in Vietnam, it is something very simple with cheap price. The flavor of Vietnam’s bread is subtle with perfect combination of fresh herbs, sauces, pate, meat and fried eggs. Especially, you will feel excited when knowing that there are many choices for you to eat like fried eggs, grill pork, roasted meat and so on.

3. Vermicelli with grilled pork balls


Vermicelli with grilled pork balls is a very subtle mixture from vermicelli, golden brown grilled meat balls, sweet and sour sauce, and herbs. This dish is a pride of Hanoi cuisine so, you will easily enjoy it at any places when walking around the city center.

4. Fresh spring rolls


One of cannot-miss food while visiting Hanoi is fresh spring rolls. Like most of dishes, spring rolls should be served when it is still hot. It has many variations but for Hanoi cuisine, the ingredients will include rice vermicelli papers, stir fried beef with onion and fresh herbs. All will be rolled together in one rice paper and dipped in the bowl of sweet and sour sauce. Such a delicious dish!

5. Sweetened porridge


It is the mixture of glutinous rice, different beans, fruits and jelly. It is also a common dessert in Vietnam. With sweet and cool flavor, it is a great drink in summer. There are many kinds of sweet gruel to enjoy but the most typical ones are sweet porridge with black bean or green beans, mixed sweet gruel…

Have you ever tried this before? Or simply, have you every cook it? If you haven’t, Hanoi cooking class will help you to make it real.

6. Banh Khot

“Banh Khot” is a southern specialty consisting of small, fried rice flour pancakes, which surely make you interested when enjoying. You will love it when eating the golden brown pancakes with shrimps, minced meat and onion inside the bowl of sweet and sour sauce, accompanied with fresh herbs.

7. Vietnamese Crepesvietnamese-crepes

It will be a missing in Vietnam tour if the foreign tourists haven’t enjoyed the pancakes of central region’s style with typical flavor. These pancakes are the perfect combination from the crunchy deep fried rice flour pieces with herbs, small shrimps, bean sprouts and meat inside. It will be more tasty to dip eat with sweet and sour sauce and roasted peanuts.

Are you eager to come to Vietnam for cuisine experience? Do you want to know how to cook the above mentioned food? No time for hesitation! Just book a ticket, take a tour and join a Hanoi cooking class to discover Vietnamese cuisine through the dishes!