Japan – each season has its own beauty

It can be said that there is no country that is given so many romantically beautiful scenes like Japan. In the country of rising sun, each season, each month has its own unique beauty that cannot be mixed.

Japan – the heaven of romance in Asia. Photo by ka.e.de_nagase

Japan in the spring days

If tourists travel to Japan in spring, they can both enjoy the warm and comfortable weather there but also have chance to sightsee the beauty of many colorful flowers such as white-dotted flowers and cauliflowers in March, or cherry blossom in April along with other kinds of booming flowers all around the rice fields in Japan in May.

Traveling to Japan in summer

In summer, the weather is not as comfortable as that of the spring. Moreover, when the summer comes, it always brings much rains and the glowworm in June is bestrew in the many rural areas.
If you have chance to visit Japan in these months of summer, you definitely will not forget the dim light of the fireflies in summer, which is a kind of unique romance. It is so special that we cannot compare with the brilliant light in the big cities.

In the sweltering heat of summer in July and August, in Vietnam you may take part in the Kate festival of Cham people and meanwhile in Japan it is the occasion for the colorful festivals and firework displays held around the country. There is no more wonderful than wearing Yukata clothes, wooden clogs and the paper fan in hand to walk around the festivals in the country of cherry blossom and then, stop at the traditional stalls to enjoy Japanese dishes. It is so great, isn’t it?

The romantic atmosphere in autumn in the country of cherry blossom

There is a saying like the autumn comes right after the summer passes. The October is the transition time when you feel the breath of the autumn with the color change of the Yellow Walking Iris leaves which turn into yellow. Looking at the leaves, you will feel like you are seeing a romantic picture hanging on the wall in the past days. Two lines of falling yellow leaves on the streets with the same color of the fence create an extremely beautiful scene for anyone who walk by and feel. It is also the idea place for young people to come and to take photos or check in.

Extremely beautiful scene of falling yellow leaves in Japan

Traveling to the country of rising sun in November means that you arrive in the month of the red maple leaves in the melancholic but attractive autumn sky. The autumn in Japan is not like the autumn in other countries of Europe or South Korea because the fall of Japan is romantically picturesque in the pretty cold weather with the sad-like lines of trees.
When it comes to the autumn in Japan, it is very common to refer to the ancient city Kyoto which is one of the world’s most beautiful together with Paris, Rome, London and other cities. Kyoto is a place where if you visited once, you could not forget but always remember in your minds and hearts

Cold but brilliant winter in Japan

The winter in Japan often begins in the December and ends in February. This is the great chance for tourists to go skiing and enjoy the stunning festivals of light in the largest cities in Japan in the season of Christmas and the New Year. In the mountainous areas like Nagano, Shiga, Fukui and Hokkaido, there are many great skiing places with the high mountain flank so that visitors can see and enjoy the landscapes from the high position in the far distance.
Also, it is the place for the big Olympics of the world such as Winter Olympics and ideally for professional skiers flocking to from all over the world.
Although there is no snow in the big cities like other places, many breathtaking performances of lights with thousands of bulbs are held in the cold season of winter. So, it is worth visiting Japan in winter for enjoyment

Hokkaido is the ideal place for skiing

Generally speaking, Japan is very wonderful country, isn’t it? No matter which season you will visit Japan, you still can enjoy the most beautiful things and festivals with a lot of interesting activities in the country of cherry blossom. In the holidays, do not forget to think about this country and book tickets for you and your family or friends to travel to and have great moments together.